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Why Georgia?

The Georgian government has worked to make numerous market-friendly economic reforms in Georgia since 2004, leading to a significant improvement in the economic situation. Far-reaching deregulation measures and comprehensive privatization of state assets, which include important areas of public welfare (health, energy, water, etc.), were accompanied by a determined fight against corruption in public administration, reforms in tax, customs and labour law, and by simplifying the licensing and business registration procedures. As a result, Georgia occupies high positions in indexes such as "Ease of doing business" (World Bank, 9th place).

Additionally, with regard to energy as well as for the transport of goods, its geographical location makes Georgia interesting as a transit country between Europe and Central Asia, and also Russia and the Middle East. Furthermore the country is a worthwhile business market due to enormous pent-up demand in all sectors of the economy.

At the end of the year 2012 the country’s economic performance reached approximately 15.8 billion USD (per capita: 3,520 USD), a new peak.

After the sharp devaluation in the double crisis of 2008/2009, the Georgian Lari (GEL) has increased in value in the past two years compared to the US dollar reference currency, and is remaining stable.