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Sell your business

Do you want to fully or partially sell your business? Use this site to find out what you need to be aware of, the potential pitfalls of business divestiture (mergers) and how professional advice can help you to make the sale as efficient and effective as possible.

There are many reasons to sell a company - from a lack of succession planning to entering into strategic or expansive equity holdings.

As a seller, you have to take into account certain issues to ensure negotiations with a potential purchaser or investor reach a positive conclusion. This involves both corporate and market-related issues. One important aspect of selling a business or finding an investor is doing so in a good economic climate. With its market-liberal reforms and the privatization processes initiated by the government, Georgia is in a favourable position for international investors and prospective buyers.

Another significant aspect is that, of course, your business must be saleable – meaning that purchasers must be able to have a serious interest in taking over this business or having a financial stake in it. This is the case when the strategic direction of the company is interesting and presented as being competitive, i.e. when the market analysis for the product offered is positive and promising.

The next few pages will show how you can advertise your business on GrowGeorgia and which documents you should have ready.

If you need advice and support on corporate transactions, our specialists in mergers and acquisitions from SCS Beratungsgesellschaft mbH in Germany and EMC LLC in Georgia would be pleased to offer you more help. Contact us.

Service and Support

Our Service for you

GrowGeorgia and SCS/EMC - your consultants for corporate transactions in and out of Georgia. Our support throughout the whole process includes

  • Arranging visits
  • Negotiation support
  • Company analyses
  • Organization of legal and business consulting
  • Preparation of documents and dealing with government agencies
  • Coaching for final negotiations


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