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Company exposé

The "company exposé" is a summary of information about the company. It is a type of sales brochure.

It is a transparent, concise presentation of both hard data on business operations,  profitability and development as well 'soft' factors which play a role in appraising a business. These include the role and reputation of the business in the market and its 'human assets', qualified and motivated (management) staff, as well as history and visions for the future. 

In addition to a brief company profile and description of the main company data, a company exposé also includes a detailed company portrait which describes the company's strategy, product range, organisational levels etc. in more detail.

There are obvious advantages to a company overview prepared in this way: interested parties can get a quick and comprehensive picture of the company being offered and make an informed decision as to whether it is sensible to pursue further negotiations with the owner.

Likewise, the business seller can be sure that the potential investor is genuinely interested and it is therefore more likely that the negotiations will be concluded more quickly and with fewer issues.

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GrowGeorgia and SCS/EMC - your consultants for corporate transactions in and out of Georgia. Our support throughout the whole process includes

  • Arranging visits
  • Negotiation support
  • Company analyses
  • Organization of legal and business consulting
  • Preparation of documents and dealing with government agencies
  • Coaching for final negotiations


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