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Tips for sellers

In order to find potential purchasers or investors for your business, you need to be able to provide reliable numbers and facts. The basis of this is a detailed company description; this contains information about the type of business activities, the management profile and also information about the market share, sales revenue/turnovers, net income and profitability. There is also data about the number of employees, the corporate and industry sector, property ownership and, of course, your expected purchase price.

Your advert text gives potential interested parties their first impression of you – make it interesting! Write clearly and precisely. Give your advert a meaningful title. Avoid clichéd phrases like "guaranteed profitable business," "well-established specialist company".

Later in the entry form you must also specify what and who you are looking for.

  • Are you looking for a buyer for a full takeover, for a stake or an investor as a silent partner?
  • Why are you offering to sell your business?
  • What do you want to achieve with the advert?

Look carefully at the entry form and prepare yourself accordingly. You can upload up to three PDF files to the "Documentation" area, for example a profile description, information on the core business areas or profit and loss calculations or balance sheets. Giving a detailed description of your offer results in more interested parties getting in touch. There is no length limit in our business portal – use that to your advantage.

Potential buyers are interested in detailed information, particularly when it involves complex structures and relationships. Investors and buyers will get a first impression of your offer from the portal. It is very likely that once they have contacted you successfully the interested parties will request further documentation.

This might include:

With qualified staff and years of experience, SCS/EMC can help you compile all the necessary information and documentation for potential buyers and investors. The "About us" section explains which services we offer in terms of business analysis for your company.

You find these and more detail information "How you advert successfully" to download as a PDF document here:
Guide for sellers "How to advert successfully"

Service and Support

Our Service for you

GrowGeorgia and SCS/EMC - your consultants for corporate transactions in and out of Georgia. Our support throughout the whole process includes

  • Arranging visits
  • Negotiation support
  • Company analyses
  • Organization of legal and business consulting
  • Preparation of documents and dealing with government agencies
  • Coaching for final negotiations


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