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Business plan

A business plan is necessary not only for the strategic and operational planning when starting a business, is also useful when managing existing companies and when selling companies.

It can, for example, serve internal target setting, however it is also a means of communication with external parties – such as banks, potential buyers or investors. 

A meaningful business plan describes business opportunities and measures to exploit these opportunities, the goal being to use concise, understandable explanations to convince potential partners / buyers of the quality of the idea, the expansion plans and the company's vision.  A business plan therefore aims to convince investors/buyers, to create improved chances of success and to monitor performance. It also helps to better assess the risks of an undertaking. 

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GrowGeorgia and SCS/EMC - your consultants for corporate transactions in and out of Georgia. Our support throughout the whole process includes

  • Arranging visits
  • Negotiation support
  • Company analyses
  • Organization of legal and business consulting
  • Preparation of documents and dealing with government agencies
  • Coaching for final negotiations


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