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Opportunities and risks

All of these documents will help potential buyers get a better idea of the possibilities and risks which always arise in the context of economic transactions.

Entrepreneurship, mergers and acquisitions are always fraught with risks which come either from the company itself or from the market. These cannot be completely ruled out, however they can be minimized by being aware and planning carefully. 

Opportunities and risks are assessed by an external provider experienced in company valuations and risk analysis. The aim of this process is to obtain information about the company and prepare it so that a well-founded basis for a decision is established. This due diligence is the basis for further negotiations on both sides – external consultants are often indispensable when there are complex requirements.

With qualified staff and years of experience, SCS together with EMC can help you compile all the necessary information and documentation for potential buyers and investors.

The "About us" section explains which services we offer in terms of business analysis for your company.

Service and Support

Our Service for you

GrowGeorgia and SCS/EMC - your consultants for corporate transactions in and out of Georgia. Our support throughout the whole process includes

  • Arranging visits
  • Negotiation support
  • Company analyses
  • Organization of legal and business consulting
  • Preparation of documents and dealing with government agencies
  • Coaching for final negotiations


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