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Grow Georgia

GrowGeorgia is an independent business portal for investment projects in all business areas in Georgia.

It is a specialized and new market place for company transactions exclusively for Georgia which did not exist before. GrowGeorgia closes in the country a gap via an independent and easy to use web portal and database.

GrowGeorgia provides the following offers for investors

  • offers from Georgian companies who need investments in their companies 
  • offers for joint and strategic partnerships in Georgian companies
  • offers for concrete projects and investment possibilities in Georgia

If you are an owner of a Georgian business and want to offer it partly or completely for selling, are looking for growth capital or strategic partners you can enter your request directly into the business portal.

Should you be looking for an investment opportunity in Georgia you can search in the data base for suiting offers. 

In addition investors who are looking for investment opportunities in Georgia and companies who are looking for strategic partners in Georgia can search here and even post their requests on this website.

GrowGeorgia is targeted to Georgian and international companies, investors organisations and institutions. It is a brand of SCS Beratungsgesellschaft mbH and EMC LLC. 

SCS has been established in Germany 10 years ago and looks back to extensive experience in the area of Mergers & Acquisitions. With its partner company EMC in Tbilisi/Georgia GrowGeorgia offers a new service for interested parties in Georgia and abroad.

Corporate Acquisitions

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Are you interested in investment opportunities in Georgia? 

Are you looking for offerings where Georgian companies are seeking full or partial buyers, for international investors to invest capital in? 

Or do you want to advertise your own business?

Then our business portal GrowGeorgia is the right place for you. Look through our database for suitable M&A offers or directly advertise a takeover or shares enquiry.


Sell your Company

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Do you want to fully or partially sell your company? The ever-growing and extensive database, consisting of offers and enquiries, provides the perfect platform for international networking opportunities for strategic partnerships, corporate transactions and investments.

Utilise the benefits of GrowGeorgia and advertise your business for free. The information below will tell you which documents you should have ready and how it works.


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