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Are you interested in investment opportunities in Georgia?

Are you looking for offerings where Georgian companies are seeking full or partial buyers, for international investors to invest capital in?

Or do you want to advertise your own business?

Then our business portal GrowGeorgia is the right place for you. Look through our database for suitable M&A offers or directly advertise a takeover or shares enquiry.

Thanks to the market-liberal restructuring in recent years and good economic development, Georgia is currently an excellent destination for expansions, investments or acquisitions. Georgian entrepreneurs have also recognized this and are increasingly looking for interested parties and foreign investors.

GrowGeorgia brings both sides together, opening up new opportunities and markets whilst helping you to find comprehensive and effective information about existing offers. 

In a company acquisition it is important to learn not only about the possibilities and opportunities, but also to calculate and bear in mind the not inconsiderable risks.

  • Has the vendor who listed the advert which you are interested in also provided all the relevant information?
  • How is the initial contact made, can they answer your questions?
  • Are their ideas in line with yours, are you seriously interested?

Now is the right time to bring in external consultants – particularly if you are dealing with complex transactions. They will enquire about facts and data and will create a detailed description of the business being offered from this. We would be glad to help in this with our SCS service portfolio and can take on important advisory functions.

On GrowGeorgia you can also take action yourself and advertise your takeover or investment offers. Take full advantage of the possibilities – you can search yourself and be found by others. The next few pages will show you which documents and information you should have ready.

If you need advice and support on corporate transactions, our specialists in mergers and acquisitions from SCS Beratungsgesellschaft mbH in Germany and EMC LLC in Georgia would be pleased to offer you more help. Contact us.